Why Men vs Womens' Scalp Conditions are Different

It’s no coincidence that men and women have different haircare routines. Men and women have different scalps and different needs when it comes to treating common scalp conditions. That’s why it’s important to only use shampoos that have been specifically formulated for your scalp. In this article, we’ll go through the difference between male and female scalps, and which shampoos to use.


Male scalps produce 50% more sebum than female scalps. Whilst it’s normal to produce sebum, too much on the scalp may act as a breeding ground for dandruff causing microbes.

Men also have a much weaker scalp barrier than women, which makes them more prone to dandruff. A weakened scalp barrier means that men lose moisture a lot quicker than women do, putting them at a higher risk of dry scalp and itchiness.

When treating scalp conditions, men should look out for shampoos that:

• Focuses on scalp care and restoring.

• Cleanses sebum from the pores and scalp surface.

• Protects and nourishes the scalp with continued use.

For men, we recommend CLEAR Deep Clean. Expertly made to treat male scalps, this shampoo offers a deep clean that washes away flakes and leaves the scalp feeling fresh and healthy. With continued use, CLEAR Deep Clean also protects the scalp and hair against the recurrence of dandruff*. 

Men with particularly oily scalps would also benefit from using CLEAR Grease Control, which effectively removes grease and excess sebum from the pores. It contains a lemon fresh scent, bringing your scalp extra freshness and a great smell.


Women’s scalps have a stronger layer of protection than men, but they always feel that they have a drier scalp. It has also been argued that their hair strands are more prone to breakage and damage due to having longer hair and undergoing more chemical treatments. 

Overuse of hair accessories, such as hair tongs and straighteners can affect the condition of women’s scalps, causing dryness and irritation. A buildup of hair products like mousses and gels can lead to oiliness and leave hair looking flat and limp. 

When treating scalp conditions, women should look out for shampoos that:

• Focuses on hair care and repair.

• Removes buildup from the scalp surface and pores.

• Eliminates dandruff without compromising the hair’s natural condition.

For women, we recommend CLEAR Herbal Fusion Daily Care, which works to eliminate dandruff without sacrificing the natural beauty of the hair. With continued washing it protects the scalp against dandruff symptoms, nourishes from scalp to hair, giving women smoother, stronger, tangle free hair. 

Now that you know the difference between men and women’s scalps, you’ll be able to take better care of your scalp and hair. Use CLEAR’s excellent range of expert anti-dandruff shampoos to give your scalp the care love and care it deserves. Treat your scalp well and it will reward you with beautiful, healthy flake free* hair.