How to treat 3 easy-to-fix scalp conditions

Whether you’re experiencing a dry itchy-feeling scalp or dealing with greasy hair, scalp problems are never fun. Thankfully, we’ve put together a helpful guide that shows you how to quickly improve/alleviate the most common scalp conditions. 


White flakes around the scalp and hair are a tell-tale sign of dandruff, a common condition that occurs when the cells of your scalp shed faster than usual. As annoying as dandruff can be, it’s easy to treat with the right tools:

• Try washing your hair regularly with an anti-dandruff shampoo until the dandruff clears. Continued use of an expert anti-dandruff shampoo like CLEAR Cleanse and Purify gives your scalp a deep clean, leaving your hair refreshed and clear of dandruff symptoms. 

• Avoid scrubbing and scratching your scalp when shampooing, as this can cause hair breakages and uncomfortable feelings on the scalp. Instead, gently massage shampoo into your scalp and the roots of your hair where the shampoo can do the most work.   

• Excessive use of styling products like hair gels and mousses can leave residues behind. This may make you more prone to dandruff. Regular use of CLEAR Deep Clean Shampoo will remove residues and activates the scalp’s natural protection layer so you can say goodbye to dandruff*. 


A dry scalp can be very uncomfortable, especially when little white flakes start to fall from your scalp and hair. Try the following solutions if your scalp is feeling tight, dry and flaky:

• A dry scalp occurs when your scalp loses its natural moisture, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Regularly drinking water can help replenish the moisture your body has lost.

• Try switching to a shampoo that’s specially formulated to keep your scalp hydrated and flake free. CLEAR Intense Hydration works to replenish dry scalps with essential hydration and can also fight and prevent flaking and dandruff symptoms with continued use. 

• Natural home remedies can also help with a dry scalp. Coconut oil, for example, works well on damaged on dry scalps thanks to its natural anti-fungal properties and its high Vitamin E content. 


Left untreated, an oily scalp can leave your hair looking greasy and stringy. It could contribute to outbreaks of dandruff. If you’re suffering from an oily scalp, treat it with these tips:

• Men are a lot more prone to an oily scalp and need a shampoo that can deal with the extra sebum their bodies produce. CLEAR Men Deep Clean can get rid of any surplus sebum stuck in the pores of the scalp, leaving the scalp and hair feeling fresh and grease free. 

• The structure of curly hair can make some women more susceptible to an oily scalp. Thankfully, CLEAR Oil Control Balance works to keep the scalps natural oils in balance and washes away any excess oil with continued use. 

• People with oily scalps should make sure to rinse thoroughly with cool water after shampooing. A good rinse helps flush out any excess oils and cool water can slow down the over-production of sebum.

Armed with our helpful tips and the right shampoo, you’ll be able to solve your scalp problems in no time. Just remember to keep using CLEAR shampoo if you want to keep your scalp and hair looking clean, clear and flake free*.