How to get rid of dandruff really fast

Getting rid of dandruff can tough, especially when the most common symptom is also the most embarrassing: white flakes that line the scalp and can fall on to the shoulders. Thankfully there are a variety of CLEAR products that can help you get rid of dandruff and keep it from coming back*, but we’ve also got some quick tips for when you’re on the go. Find out how to get rid of dandruff fast with our handy guide.


Applying baby powder makes the dandruff flakes in your hair easier to comb out. Find a mirror in a well-lit room where you can get a good look at your dandruff and pinpoint exactly where it is on the scalp.

Once you’ve identified problem areas, sprinkle them with a little dry shampoo or baby powder and comb out the flakes. Make sure to rinse your comb with water after each stroke so that you’re not just spreading the dandruff.


Natural oils like coconut oils, neem or almond oil are great home grown scalp moisturizers. They can also work wonders as a speedy dandruff solution, keeping your scalp from feeling dry, tight and itchy by swiftly restoring its moisture.

Pour a two or three drops of your chosen oil in to your hands and rub your hands together to get it warm. Dab the oil on to your scalp, concentrating on particularly dry areas. This method works wonders but don’t overdo it as too much oil can leave your hair looking greasy.


Grab a lint roller the next time you leave the house. They’re a great quick fix for dandruff and fit easily in your bag or a coat pocket. Any time you notice any flakes on your clothes, just head to a bathroom and use the link roller to pick them up off the fabric.

Helpful as they are, these are just temporary solutions that hide the signs of dandruff rather than eliminate them. If you have a problem with dandruff and want a long term solution, then regular use of an expert anti-dandruff shampoo is a must. CLEAR Complete Care is a shampoo that tackles the visible signs of dandruff. It revives dry scalps and hair and nourishes and repairs the scalp’s natural protection barrier, leaving the scalp clean, clear and free of dandruff*. Not only will it keep your scalp and hair looking good, it’ll restore your confidence and leave you feeling great.